Transportation Information


Bus transfers from and to the airport will be provided upon request on Tuesday, June 11th and Saturday, June 15th by Nostalgia Travel (for reservations, contact, tel.: (+30) 22420 27531) with a fare of 15€ each way. Please see below for details.

Getting to Kos

Kos can be accessed by air directly from several major international airports as well as from Athens (flight time from Athens is approximately 50 minutes) or by boat (from the port of Piraeus, close to Athens, in approximately 10 hours). Following you can find information per type of transfer.

Traveling by air

The International Airport of Kos "Hippocrates" is the fourth largest airport in Greece right after the new airport of Athens Eleftherios Venizelos, Macedonia in Thessaloniki and Nikos Kazantzakis in Crete.  The "Hippocrates" Airport of Kos is located close to the village of Antimahia, 22 km to the south-west of Kos Town. It receives and offers daily flights to Athens (about 1 hour) as well as regular flights to Rhodes (about 35 minutes). All other Greek airports can be reached only by transfer from Athens Airport.  Direct charter flights land on Kos from all major European cities. 

Contact detailsfor information on flights: 

Olympic Airways
 Tel. (+30) 801 801 01 01
Aegean Airlines Tel. (+30) 801 112 00 00 

Traveling by boat

Boats (including car ferries) leave from:

  • Piraeus port(major port located in Athens area).There are 9 weekly scheduled departures from Piraeus to Kos. Three boat companies are operating itineraries leaving Piraeus in the morning, at noon or night and arriving after approximately 10 hours or 15 hours (depending on the company you choose) at the island. You may book your ticket to include a cabin making the trip a relaxed journey.
  • Rhodes port(Rhodes is the biggest of the Dodecanese islands).
    There are 18 weekly scheduled departures to Kos. The journey is approximately 2.5 hours.

If you decide to reach the Island of Kos by boat, you should first contact either Piraeus’ or Rhodes’ port for schedules:

Piraeus Port Authority: (+30) 210 4550000

Rhodes Port Authority: (+30) 22410 28666

Conference Venue

Kos International Convention Centre (KICC) is located 30 km from Kos International Airport “Hippocrates” and 27 km from Kos town.

Getting to the conference venue:

From the KOS airport (by air)

Hippocrates Airport of Kos is located 24 km, southwest of Kos Town and 28 km from the Conference Venue.

·         Bus transfers from and to the airport will be provided upon request on Tuesday, June 11th and Saturday, June 15th by the Nostalgia Travel (, tel.: (+30) 22420 27531) with a fare of 15€ each way. Bus transfers will be available provided that the travel agency is informed about dates, flights and arrival / departure times. Nostalgia Travel keeps lists and tries to combine bus transfers for passengers arriving (and departing) with domestic and international (charter) flights to (from) Kos with waiting time of half hour maximum. For less than 17 persons taxis should be used.

·         Taxis can be easily found at the station outside the airport. An average journey by taxi to KICC should take approximately 30-40 minutes, and its cost should be approximately € 35 per way.

·         Local Bus service is also available, takes you from the airport to the centre of Kos town in approximately 40 minutes and the ticket costs 2.90€. Then you can either take a taxi or a local bus (direction “Agios Fokas”, scheduled routes every 15 min) to go to the conference venue.

From the KOS port (by boat)

KICC is located only 3 km from Kos Port. The fastest way to get to KICC if you arrive by boat is to take a taxi. Local buses also have scheduled routes from the area outside the port to the area of the hotels and the conference venue. The ticket costs 1.40€.

Rent a Car

Many major car rental companies have offices inside the airport terminal and around Kos Island. Those of you who wish to rent a car can make arrangements upon arrival at the airport.

Get around Kos

Taxi serviceis available either at the receptions desk of the Conference Hotel or by phone to the Taxi Telephone Center: (+30) 22420 22777, (+30) 22420 23333-4 & (+30) 22420 21666

Municipal Transportation(D.E.A.S.): tel. (+30) 22420 26276 Intercity Busses (KTEL): Tel. (+30) 22420 22292

Useful phone numbers

Kos International Airport “Hippocrates”: +30-22420 56000
Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”: +30-210 3530000
Olympic Air: +30-210 3550500
Aegean Airlines: +30-210 6261700
Piraeus Port Authority: +30-2104550000
Kos Port Authority: +30-22420 26594-7
Rhodes Port Authority: +30-22410 28666
Blue Star Ferries: +30-210 8919800
Dodekanisos Seaways: +30-22410 70590
Local Buses: +30-22420 22292
Taxi: +30-22420 22777-23333
Police: +30-22420 25462
Tourist Police: +30-22420 22444
Hospital: +30-22420 22300